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Acid Reflux | Natural Heartburn Remedies

As a reflux sufferer I know how indigestion and heart burn feel- terrible! Waking up in the morning to that burning feeling in your throat is not how I like to start my day. I've used prescription medicines as well as over the counter drugs. They work, but I prefer natural solutions. I don't enjoy putting chemicals into my body. Without further ado, here's how I keep my heartburn at bay.

1. Always wait at least 1 hour after you eat before you lie down. The wait will give your stomach a chance to catch up and digest some of the food. So, later when you do lay down, it won't be burning in your throat. 

2. Limit your spicy/acidic foods. This one is super hard for me. I love spicy foods! Salsa, curry, wasabi, chili, hot sauce, and the list goes on, but unfortunately, they are insides relationships. They don't love me back. 
3. Ginger is a great stomach settler. When I was pregnant, I stand ginger tea, ginger ale, and ate ginger snaps to ease my all-day-sickness. I still use it for bad cases of indigestion!

4. Don't over eat. Eating to much is bad for acid reflux sufferers. A bursting stomach full of food and acid would spell trouble for anyone. So do your body a favor, eat only till you're comfortable.

5. Eating black licorice relieves heartburn. DGL, a form of licorice, promotes mucous production. That mucous protects your esophagus and stomach from harmful acid. DGL comes in a tablet form as well.  

I hope these tips help. Do you have any natural remedies?

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