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Benzophenone in Sunscreen

What is Benzophenone?


It is a chemical found in many cosmetics used to absorb UV light and prevent fragrances from becoming weak over time. Benzophenones can be found in lip balms, foundations, shampoo and conditioners, and even sunscreen! 

What to look for.

Benzophenone-2 (BP2), Oxybenzone (Benzophenone-3/ BP3), and any other chemical names that contain "BP" followed a number.

Women and Children are at the most risk!

It can easily leach from packaging and contaminate drinking water and food. 

The California EPA lists benzophenone as a possible carcinogen. More specifically, although more study is needed, evidence has shown that, once in the body, it can block the pathway of androgen. This can lead to various cancers- such as breast or prostate.

The European Food Safety Authority classifies them as known toxicants. Oxybenzone is eadily absorbed into the skin leading to build ups in the liver, which in turn causes an enlarged liver. An enlarged liver in itself is not directly life threatening, but it is a symptom of other life threatening concerns.

The Environmental Impact

Benzophenone is considered toxic to aquatic life. It is introduced into ecosystems most commonly by simply going to the beach or lake. When a person applies sunscreen laden with these chemicals and then enters the water, it is drawn into the water and is then collected in the fatty tissues of fish. Heavily trafficked swimming spots raise the most concern.

What We Can Do

1. Carefully read the ingredients on cosmetics and particularly sunscreen bottles.
2. Purchase these items from a well trusted company that specializes in healthy and eco-freindly products.

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