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Children and Chemicals

Kids Explore
It’s part of their nature!
Average Poison Stats.pngSometimes it's funny. For instance, the time I left the lanolin out and my then toddler decided to to have a little fun. It was all over! In his hair, in the carpet, and on his toys, what a mess. It took a week to get all the lanolin out of his hair. Ha! At least he was stylish that week.

Many times children can get into some serious trouble. We do our best to prevent it- we put the spray bottles behind child locked cabinets and detergents and medications up high out of reach. Trust me when I say, kids are clever. They will find a way. Besides just removing all the toxins in your home and living like cave people.

You can change the way you think about cleaners and beauty products.

Natural cleaners are healthy and effective. You can even buy cleaners that are COMPLETELY child safe. Unbelievable! It's true. 

Has your child every gotten into something they weren't suppose to?

Traditional Mom

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Wife, Mommy, and Writer are three of the hats Shannon wears on a daily basis. Natural and holistic wellness is her passion. Diving into medical studies, reading long-winded books, and refitting them into information that is valuable to everyday life.

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