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How I Fought Off Food Cravings

Everyone has a certain balance in their life. A little junk food, a long run, salad for lunch, and maybe a daily vitamin. Keeping ourselves balanced is key to maintaining good health, and good health is key to a joyful disposition.
Sometimes though, we get way off course and all those good habits are being outweighed by the bad ones we are forming.

I confess, I developed some bad eating habits while pregnant last year. Oh, I had plenty of excuses! "I'm eating for two." "I'll just workout more to offset this chocolate." But my most frequent one was "I can finally eat, I'm going to enjoy it and make up for all those months of being sick!"

(Yes, I was sick for months. It's called hyperemesis gravidarum, and its serious. That's a story for another time.)

Needless to say, I needed to find my balance. I fed the cravings so long that they were almost constant! Intervention time! I went looking.

There's lots of information on how to beat cravings. Things like- if you crave chocolate its because you need magnesium. Which would be followed by a list of foods to eat... and I would, but I still felt hungry.

Enter the solution to my problem. A milkshake from Melaleuca! Not really, it's a supplement shake. It uses bits from oats, potatoes,  and chicory roots to make you feel full and stay full. 

Did it work? Yes! I've been drinking them for a few weeks and my cravings have gone way down. Bonus: I've even lost all the baby weight!

I have switched to a low carb high fat diet and no longer use this supplement. You can read more about that here →The KETO diet explained

Do you suffer from food cravings?

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