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3 Reasons I Exercise

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Working out is time consuming. 

There are days I really would rather sit on the couch with a cup of coffee and watch Netflix instead of exercising. Why would I want to put myself through physical discomfort when I can happily snuggle on my couch? Well, everyone has their reasons, and here are mine.

Top 3 Reasons I Exercise And What Keeps Me Motivated

3. I like to be fit.

Way back in high school, my life revolved around school and sports. I was always active, and I enjoyed the feeling of fitness it gave me. To this day, I still enjoy feeling strong. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, and it takes a lot of time and work to get strength back.

2. I like to eat.

Okay I love to eat. Fresh picked apples, homemade bread, delectable sushi, chocolate, and the list goes on and on. I really like eating. If I didn’t exercise, I’m pretty sure I’d be way overweight and unhealthy. It’s like a reward system to me. Exercise today so I can eat this later. 

1. Because I have kids.

Children are wonderful blessings, but they are also hard work. Picking up toys for the hundredth time in one day and catching them when they decide to jump off the high chair can be exhausting. My favorite part is playing tag or catch outside. So, this momma is going to keep exercising for her kids and become super mom! Nah- just mom will do. ;)

Keeping a Consistent Workout Routine takes Motivation.

I promised to tell you my motivation secrets.
Here we go…

My Husband. 

He works out with me and cheers me on. He knows how to push me without pushing my buttons. 

My Kids.

I mentioned them above, but they are worth mentioning again. I want to be healthy for my babies. So doing one more rep is totally worth it.

Workout Shakes

I told you- I like food. Especially if it tastes like dessert. My chocolate post-workout shake is delicious and helps my body recover. Win-Win!

Why do you exercise?

#fitspo #motivational #exercise #workout

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