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5 Common Misconceptions About Cloth Diapers

Guest Post by Jasmine
Cloth diapers are becoming increasingly popular with moms around the world. But there’s a lot of common misconceptions about using them. Here are some of the things I have heard from parents who are considering them, and find themselves at an impasse because they think…

5: They are expensive

Usually, when researching cloth as an alternative to disposable diapers, most people find starter kits of just one specific brand and become fearful by the initial price of starting a full stash. “I can’t afford to spend $300 on diapers!”  Well for one thing, you don’t have to spend $20 a diaper if it’s not in your budget. There’s a lot of different brands with varying prices, as well as different styles of diaper. Most beginner stashes start with about 25 diapers. That’s roughly 2-3 days worth, depending on how many changes you do in a 24hr period. I think most forget that they are reusable (thus one of the points of using cloth) and because of this, you aren’t just buying diapers – you are investing your money on something you will use over and over again! Look at it this way; you can either spend $20/a week on disposables, every week for 2 years (if you’re lucky) or you can invest a quarter of your overall poop-catching money at one time, and never spend money on keeping something on your kid’s butt again.

4: My power/water will increase

Again, going back to economic reasons for cloth, the very small increase in your detergent costs and utilities, will be so slight, you won’t notice them. Cloth diapers are just a few extra loads of laundry a week. My husband and I have been doing it for 14 months now, since our son was born, and we’ve never seen an increase with our power, or water. And because you already buy detergent for your clothes (no need to buy those special cloth diaper detergents, since most are notorious for not actually cleaning the diapers), you don’t have any extra expenses to include with washing them. If you do actually notice that you have a $100.00 increase on your water bill, it’s more than likely a leak under your house, not the 3 extra loads of laundry in a weeks’ time.

3: It seems like a lot of extra work

Is it as easy as throwing something away? No. But, as we’ve already established that it’s only an extra load of laundry every few days, it’s not very hard to accomplish. If you have pocket diapers and inserts, yes you might spend a little time putting diapers together to use after your laundry, but there’s also a ;lot of AiO (all in one) brands you can use as well, that takes care of that problem.  I can prep 15 diapers in about 15 minutes, and that’s with stopping to keep my toddler off the coffee table. With the money you’ll save, it’s worth that little bit of extra time in a day, every few days.

2: It will harm my baby’s hips / delay rolling over / delay crawling /

All of these claims are unsubstantiated. Cloth diapers are actually recommended for baby’s who need help with hip realignment. And there’s no evidence of developmental delays associated with cloth. My son rolled over before he was a month old, and crawled early as well. Think about it this way, no matter who you are, your grandparents and all your ancestors before them, all wore cloth diapers. They didn’t have disposables! And no one suffered from wonky hips, and they all learned how to roll over and crawl just fine.

1: They are gross

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say, “Well, I thought about using cloth, but my friend/coworker/sister does and they always stink!” or even, “I heard they are really gross, you can’t get the pee/poop out.” For one thing, if you have smelly diapers, they aren’t getting clean properly. Point blank. If you are taking care of them with a good wash routine, then you shouldn’t have stinky issues. And even with disposables, you are supposed to empty waste into the toilet prior to throwing away, so it’s no different with cloth (other than you’ll wash and reuse). A poop-catcher is a poop-catcher, it’s really no different.

What’s some of the things you’ve heard about cloth, that may have kept you from joining the “cloth-side?”
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Jasmine is a tattooed SAHM who enjoy’s Netflix and wine. She is an avid babywearer, cloth diaperer, breastfeeder, who blogs in her free time. Check out her blog at Love Life Laugh Motherhood

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