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It's A New Week Mom

Being a mother is hard work!

Good morning everyone. Last week was such a long and tiring week, so I thought we’d start this one off with some mom inspiration.

To be honest- I had days last week where I didn’t even want to exist. I just wanted to lock myself in the bathroom and eat chocolate. While I’d love to gorge myself on chocolate, I stuck through it just like we moms do everyday. There’s a reason we are exhausted. Taking care of little ones is physically and sometimes emotionally draining. For those emergency chocolate days I’d thought it’d be nice for us all to share some personal encouragement to ourselves and other moms struggling to get through the day. I’ll share some now and you can leave yours in the comments below.

When I was pregnant with Little Man, my mother in law would taxi me to doctors appointments and pop in just to make sure I was surviving. That’s when she shared with me these words that have stuck with me these past years: “This, too, shall pass.”

No matter how bad this day is, there’s another day around the corner, and pretty soon these bad days will be a sweet memory. Back then, I didn’t know how often I’d cling to those 4 words when I became a mom. From huge anxiety fits to stubborn preschooler arguments- these words have preserved my sanity.

So, if you feel like you’re at the end of your rope, remember- “This TOO shall pass”
Y’all have a great and blessed day.

Traditional Mom

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