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A Girl's Gotta Eat

A Girl’s Gotta Eat
Struggling With the Monthly Munchies
TMI alert* If you don’t want to hear about menstruation and periods please read one of these lovely posts- for the rest of us non-squimish folks, let’s press on.

A serous case of the munchies.

Over the past few months Maverick and I have been joking that I turn into a black-hole for food just before my period. Eat, eat, eat that’s all I do for almost a week. We chalked  it up to coincidence and hormones. After yet another week of uncontrollable appetite, I decided it’s time to find out what’s really going on. You ready? Me neither… but here we go anyway.

A little background information.

From day 1 of your period to day 1 of the next, an average cycle lasts 28 days. Somewhere in the middle is the blessed time of ovulation. During this time our bodies prepare for the miracle of life and hormones wreak havoc. Estrogen and progesterone are the culprits of many symptoms and personality quirks brought on every month.

Those pesky hormones!

It turns out that those crazy hormones cause unexplainably excessive cravings during the time of ovulation. Our bodies are trying to stock up on calories and nutrients just in case a pregnancy follows. That way there are plenty of nutrients to get mom and baby through morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum is a completely different beast altogether).

A serious case of the munchies.

But I’m not Pregnant!

Me neither, nor am I going to be. Our bodies just keep going through the cycle. The good news is that we also burn an extra 15% MORE calories a day- thank you metabolism boosting hormones!

What to do.

Don’t fight it! Fighting the urge to stuff your face will only make things worse. Your body will produce even more hormones and increase the strength of the cravings. You’re telling me my options are to eat incessantly or end up eating more incessantly? Basically :/ Everyone that knows me, knows I love to eat but my figure doesn’t… so now what?

Snacking Healthfully

Stock up on healthy snacks when your time to ovulate comes around. That way, you can fill up without feeling guilty. Grapes, apples, carrots, craving blocking shakes, and popcorn are my go to snacks. Notice I didn’t mention trail mix? Trail mix is delicious but very heavy in calories. When you feel the urge to eat and eat, filling up on high calorie foods will definitely not help you lose weight, if you catch my drift.  Oh I almost forgot! I like to eat peanut butter with my apples- adds a little protein and deliciousness to my snack.

Snack on Ladies!

Now that I know the reason behind my gigantic urge to eat, I don’t feel quite so guilty or weird stuffing my face. Do you have a favorite healthy snack? Please share- I’m starving… again ;)

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