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What Is Glyphosate | And What Effect Can It Make?

What Is Glyphosate
And What Effect Can It Make?

Glyphosate: The herbicide.

It’s used to stop plant growth from just about all plants. Glyphosate blocks proteins that plants need to grow and ripen fruit. Growers spray the herbicide onto the leaves of the plants they want to kill; how do they protect the plants they want to grow? By growing genetically mutated seeds such as round-up-ready corn. Not very appetising. Almost every commercially grown crop of corn, soy, and cotton are sprayed with this concoction.

Is it safe?

Glyphosates initial ruling

At first, glyphosate was labeled as safe even though there was very little evidence to prove its safety. The label said something along the lines of “safe in small quantities”, but with the increase of herbicide and pesticide use on commercial crops, that small quantity can get surpassed easily.

Glyphosates here and now

Remember how I mentioned the genetically altered seeds earlier? Yeah it was those pesky seeds that made its popularity skyrocket! Think about it. We love and praise convenience- smartphones, tablets, smart lights, and all labor saving devices. It’s really no surprise that farmers wanted to save a little work as well. Simply sow the GMO seeds, spray with glyphosate laced round-up, and viola! Perfect crops. At least that’s what we were told…


Turns out that pesky glyphosate is harder to get rid of than we thought. Even though the U.S. Government doesn’t test food for glyphosates, the United States Geological Survey took samples from waterways in 38 states and found glyphosates in the majority of samples. This chemical holds on tight to soil particles thus contaminating surface waters.

Getting to the point: Are we at risk?

In March 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared glyphosate and other round-up chemical to be unsafe and capable of causing cancer. Fast forward a year, the WHO now releases a statement that has been misrepresented all over the internet, that it is “ unlikely to pose a carcinogenic risk to humans from exposure through the diet.” Did you catch that? Through the diet. No, the WHO aren’t contradicting themselves; they simply tested the average consumer’s exposure to these chemicals in their diet. Glyphosate is very capable of exposing people environmentally, like through water supplies.

What now?

I’ll leave that up to your discretion. As for me? We are going to eat as cleanly as our budget and garden space allows and continue shopping here for safe foods and supplements. What do you think?


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