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8 LEGO Kindergarten Math Activities

LEGO Educational Math Games

Kindergarten math is the foundation that a lifetime of learning is built upon. Counting, adding, and subtracting are skills we use everyday- often without even realizing it. For our kindergarten homeschool math curriculum we've been using Ray's Arithmetic. It emphasizes using manipulatives and mental math at this stage.

Math manipulatives are super helpful. They help kids to visualize the math concept they are learning. In the case of learning to count, counting physical objects teaches kids that numbers are more than a string of words to be memorized. Each number represents a specific amount of a thing. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight LEGO.

(Yes, LEGO is the plural word for multiple LEGO. Confusing right? Am I the only one who says LEGOs?)

LEGO Math Manipulatives

Ever look at the supply list for kindergarten math curricula? They're usually quite long. You need counting bears, double sided counting disks, linking cubes, base ten plates, peg boards, and a scale. Instead of buying tons of specialized math manipulatives, we opted to use our ever growing LEGO stash. We count individual bricks, sort them by size and color, stack them into towers of 10, and even make shape outlines.

Mixing a little bit of playtime into study time helps make learning fun! You can use either LEGO or DUPLO bricks for most of these games. Here's some of the LEGO math games we've used this year so far.

LEGO are perfect math tools for any age! @traditional_mom

LEGO Kindergarten Math Games

Build and Count

For this activity, we used the number of the day, but you can count up to any number you'd like. For example let's use the number 15. Have your child count out 15 bricks of any size or color. Once they have all 15 bricks, ask them to build something special with those 15 bricks- counting as they place each brick. 

Skip Counting

Counting by 2s, 3s, 4s, etc is an important precursor to addition. To count by 2s, we started by putting our bricks into stacks of 2. I like keeping colors together as much as possible- that's just my ocd way. Now you're ready to skip count. We like stacking as we count, but you can also group them together in a pile instead.

Number Recognition- Make a Number

LEGO Educational Math Games

We use this game a lot to help cement in number recognition skills. We don't formally introduce handwriting right off the bat, so building our numbers made a lot more sense. I ask the kids to build a number out of bricks. They can build it vertically (or as Little Man likes to call it- like a statue), or they can make it flat on a baseplate.


Learning to recognize and repeat patterns is great for their critical thinking skills. When we used Saxon Math K, we made a lot of two color patterns like AB, AAB, ABB, and AABB. It was a lot more fun to make LEGO math patterns. We simply alternated colors as we stacked bricks.

Number Comparisons

Which number is greater: 3 or 7? Using LEGO (or DUPLO) bricks, helps teach kids how to compare numbers. Show them a group of 3 bricks and a group of 7 bricks, and they will quickly tell you which group has more bricks. For closer comparisons, such as 8 and 9, it helps to have them stack the bricks and compare towers. The taller tower has more, while the shorter tower has less.

Making Ten

Knowing what numbers add up to 10 is important. Being able to identify sums of 10 quickly will make harder math not so intimidating. For this lego math game, start by building a staircase with 10 steps. (If you have these awesome mini number and letter tiles from strictly bricks, you can label your steps just like we did.) To make this more fun we added a little bit of story play. Since Little Man is into Ninjago, we used a ninja minifigure and a bad guy. The goal was to get the ninja up the stairs to defeat the bad guy. (You don't have to use a ninja or fight story- any story where one figure needs to get to the top will work.)

LEGO Educational Math Games

For each round, I place the ninja on a different step and ask how many more steps the minifigure needs to go up to reach the top. For pre-addition skills, you can have them count the steps to the top, but for those learning to add up to 10, ask them what plus "the step number the figure is on" adds up to 10.

Bar Graphing

This is a great LEGO math activity to introduce simple graphing skills. Plus, it's super easy! Simply grab a handful of different color bricks. (Two handfuls if you're using DUPLO because those are bulky.) Ask your child to sort the bricks by color. Build towers from each color and lay them next to each other and ask them a few questions like:
  • Which color has the most bricks?
  • Which tower has the least bricks?
  • Are there any colors with the same amount of bricks?

Finding Balance

Last but certainly not least is building a LEGO balance scale. A balance is the perfect tool for play discovery. Kids love making balances tip over and spill out. Balance scales are good for explaining weight. Which is heavier: goldfish crackers or fruit snacks?

Building a balance out of LEGO bricks isn't as hard as it sounds. We used the tutorial at Frugal Fun 4 Boys and Girls to make ours.

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