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Traditional Mom

About Me

Who are you?

Writer, Chef, Naturalist, DIY-er, Book Lady, Homeschooler, or maybe even just Domestic-goddess? To be honest a little bit of each. I'm a mom with many hats, but this one is my blogger hat. 

I started blogging as a hobby and have turned it into a labor of love. Writing just comes naturally. When given the choice of speaking or writing, I'll usually choose writing- public speaking is not my forte. 

What is Traditional Mom, Modern World?

Traditional Mom, Modern World is an expression of myself really. I'm a quirky blend of traditional and modern values. It's different but it works for us.  

This is where old meets new! We learn from the old, and discover the new. Traditional Mom, Modern World is here to help you go from blissfully ignorant to enthusiastically enlightened!

How did you become so interested in wellness?

After high school, I studied (and became certified) to be a pharmacy technician. At first I had lofty goals of one day becoming a full fledged pharmacists. However, during my studies, I was both shocked and appalled at the lengthy and often dangerous "side" effects everyday medicines have. There had to be another way! So, I began researching natural alternatives.

How do books fit in to all this?

Wellness is a very broad category. You have mental wellness, physical wellness, and even relational wellness. Books fall under relational wellness. Books give us opportunities to work on our relationships with ourselves and others. They teach, entertain, and ignite the imagination!

What's your favorite book?

Tough to choose just one, but if I absolutely had to choose, my favorite book would have to be the complete collection of short stories of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle.

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